measures patient satisfaction in real time at the point of care..


Prepare physicians and stake holders to help them score better on federal and private patient satisfaction initiatives.


Give patients a constructive outlet to provide feedback on their experience.


Help hospitals and clinics contradict negative ratings/profiles.


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STATsurvey™ is a mobile software application that offers cloud-based, real-time patient satisfaction analytics to health care organizations, ACOs, hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices and clinics.

  • Address quality improvement efforts
  • Help health care organizations make staffing decisions
  • Give health care organizations a competitive edge
  • Reduce patient complaints
  • Hold all stake holders accountable
  • Reduce malpractice suits
  • Can be customized
  • Instant feedback


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Cloud Based

STATsurvey™ is cloud based. It runs exclusively on the iPad.

Real Time

The system measures patient satisfaction in real time based on a series of question that patients answer.


Show patients that their health care organization cares about their input.


It’s secure. STATsurvey™ employs the most up-to-date security features, safeguarding all patient information. It exceeds Federal HIPAA standards, and features military-grade encryption.

Fully Functional

STATsurvey™ features a fully functional app PLUS a rich, web-based control console for users to generate reports.


We can construct customized reports to measure virtually any data point. For example, in assessing a particular clinician or facility, patient satisfaction can be measured at the end of every shift.